The Christmas Assignment Excerpt

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“Please tell me you’re buying that for your girlfriend.”

Spencer’s smile lit his eyes. “Lyssa! I’m so glad to see you again. I wanted to kick myself when I realized I’d let you get away without giving me your number.”

Lyssa was so surprised it took a moment to gather her thoughts. She hadn’t expected Spencer to even flirt with her, much less take such a direct approach. “If you’re asking for my number, I supposed I can assume the perfume is not for your wife or girlfriend.”

His gaze held hers. “No wife. No girlfriend.”

Lyssa’s heart fluttered, and her cheeks heated. She looked away, unable to think while staring into eyes the color of a clear blue sky. Hannah sat in her stroller, chewing on a pink teething ring. “Well, you can’t be thinking of buying perfume for your sister-in-law. It should be against the law for a man to buy jewelry and perfume for another man’s wife.”

He sighed and put the bottle down. “What am I supposed to get her then? I looked at a sweater, but I don’t know her size. I don’t want to have her mad at me for buying one that’s too big. I even looked at the handbags over there.” He pointed to display. “But I have no idea what color or style she likes.”

Hannah began to fuss, and she stretched her arms out in a request to be held. Lyssa picked her up, settled the child on her hip, and dropped her shopping bag into the stroller. “Come on. I’ll show you.”

Lyssa weaved through the crowd of shoppers, out of the store, and into the center of the mall. She glanced over her shoulder to see Spencer following with the stroller. His gaze, however, was directed squarely at Lyssa’s bottom. Her face heated again, but this time, the warmth spread all over. Oh, this could not be happening. Every angel knew that while in human form, an angel felt everything any other human did. Hunger, cold, thirst, pain—all were to be expected while on assignment.

But Lyssa had never experienced sexual arousal. She’d died while still a little girl, murdered by a man who preyed on children for his own perverted pleasure. Fortunately, Heaven had erased most of the horrid memory as soon as she’d arrived. Having not even reached puberty, Lyssa had never known the emotions or physical effects associated with sexual attraction. Goodness! How did people walk, talk, and function normally when their body took on a mind of its own?