Designs on Haley

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Michael Flannery is the kind of man every woman dreams of—tall, handsome, intelligent, successful, and fiercely protective of those he loves. The talented architect has two goals: become a partner at Miller Engineering and Design, and find Miss Right.

Haley Preston has two goals as well: start a new life, and learn not to be such a gullible idiot. The rich, beautiful interior designer has been duped and used. Never again. She has sold her immensely successful business in New York and moved back to Tennessee to rebuild her life.

Sexual chemistry ignites an undeniable desire the moment they meet. Haley fights her attraction, but Michael will not be dissuaded. No one will interfere with his Designs on Haley.

Will Haley's secrets tear them apart? Can Michael banish the ghosts of Haley's past? Is lust enough? Or does his blueprint for the future require true love?

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Anya says:


"This has to be one of the best “re-bound” romances I have read. Go buy Designs On Haley today."