How Faerie Dust is Made

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A colony of faeries lives among
the lush green forests of
Roscommon, Ireland near
the Arigna Mountains.
Their lives would be peaceful
were it not for the humans who
live in the area with them.
The humans dislike faeries and
their magic, and the two races
are often at odds.
But faerie or human,
love makes no distinction.
And both will soon find that
love is the greatest magic of all.

Conall may be human,
but he is Aisling’s life mate.
She’s certain of it.
After all, a faerie knows these things.
Can her magic end the feud
between their families?
And just how is faerie dust made?


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Fallen Angel Reviews


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Linda L. says:

"Nita Wick instills a refreshingly charming tale that shows a wide range of expressions, within the characters, that grabs hold of the reader and doesn’t let go. This sweet and tender romance is a captivating good read."

Rave Review


Paranormal Romance
does not give ratings. 


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Beth says:

"How Faerie Dust is Made by Nita Wick is a wonderful tale that demands the reader's attention with spell binding creativity. It's witty and action filled and has its fair dose of sexual steaminess. Historical fans and other readers should own this book."



Historical Romance Club

Jennifer says:


"Nita Wick skillfully weaves a classic tale of a love that conquers all"




"draws the reader into a beautiful world of passion and romance, where love is truly magical and faerie dust is made."


Rave Review

Romance at Heart does not give ratings.  


Romance at Heart

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Linda says:


"The wonderful tale is loaded in action like one roller coaster ride and the ending scrumptiously enchanting."




"She spins a story that flows consistently with faeries, humans and a spectacular world that is truly luscious."



The Romance


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Sandra says:


"Nita Wick has written an emotional, highly passionate story of love, family feuds, and faery magic."




"This was an exciting ride and I anxiously await the next great story in this series."



Wantz Upon

A Time

Christina says:


"Yet another version of Romeo & Juliet, this is a fresh take in a lush world. Roscommon Faerie Tales: Season One is a gratifying read."